Top 5 Video Production Companies in the United States

Video production is an industry that has developed very much these days, and we can actually say that it is vital. However, in case you need to find a very good company that offers this type of services in America, how can you actually make the best choice? How do you know which one is best to choose? If you find yourself in this confusing situation then we will try to help you by offering the following top 5 video production companies in the United States.

  1. Contract Cre8ive – Lubbock, TX

This is an excellent Lubbock marketing agency that has its focus on small business bringing the most exceptional video as well as audio production. Customer reviews say about this company that ”it has a photographic eye for getting perfect shots, and its aesthetics stands out”, which means that you can confidently request the services of Contract Cr8ive. The team from here enjoys working on TV and commercial web video as well and does without a doubt an excellent job.

  1. Raffertyweiss Media – Silver Spring, MD

We also want to add to our top this company located in Silver Spring. This is actually a Washington, DC-based full-service video production agency that provides not only regional but national broadcast television commercials as well. Furthermore, Raffertyweiss Media is a great producer of public service announcements, non-profit fundraising videos, educational videos, and online videos.

  1. Rex Production & Post – Portland, OR This company is a full-service production company, located in Portland. It provides customized audio and video production, as well as post-production experience. Customers say that Rex Production & Post has offered them the possibility to put their ideas into practice and the results we absolutely wonderful. The team has excellent communication skills and pays a close attention to details in order to ensure their capture of the interviews and delivery of the videos has the highest quality, it is on time, and under the budget at the same time.
  2. Sound & Vision Media – Revere, MA

Another full-service video production company in the United States is Sound & Vision Media, which is based in Boston. It offers professional, corporate video production services to clients not only in Boston but in New England, Massachusetts and beyond as well.

  1. Boston Digital Production

This is the last but definitely not the least video production company in the US that we would like to highly recommend to anyone who needs this type of services. BDP brings award-winning talent and lots of years of experience to your corporate, documentary, as well as a commercial video project. The professional team of this company will work with you from script to screen and it will do its best in order to make the video production process simple and stress-free. Whether it is a one-camera shoot or a sprawling, the video producers from BDP will certainly deliver a compelling product that engages, persuades, and also highly motivates the audience, bringing the client’s message to life. Therefore, don’t hesitate and confidently contact Boston Digital Production.


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