Best Types of Swimming Pools

Best Types of Swimming Pools

Most homeowners dream of owning swimming pools as they serve as a fun spot to hang out and make lasting memories with friends and family. Installing a swimming pool is however quite costly and so it is important to be aware of your options before deciding on the type of swimming pool to install. This article offers information on the 3 best types of swimming pools available.

Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Although most people perceive above-ground swimming pools as unattractive, it remains one of the best types of pools to install. This pool type is easy to install and remove, it does not require the job of an expert and requires little maintenance as time goes on. 

In addition, an above-ground swimming pool is much more affordable than its in-ground counterparts and can save you thousands of dollars. Above-ground swimming pools can be removed when relocating and are safer for children. 

This is the best choice for those who want to install a swimming pool but will have to relocate in a few years as the swimming pool can be detached and easily relocated to a new area.

Concrete Swimming Pool

Concrete swimming pools are made by spraying gunite or shotcrete to a swimming pool shell and allowed to cure (harden) for some weeks. Concrete swimming pools can cost more than $60,000 to install and regular maintenance can cost another few thousand yearly.

This type of swimming pool is however more durable, more customizable, and prettier than the previous option on this list. It can be built to suit the owner’s taste and will usually last much longer than an above-ground swimming pool. A concrete swimming pool also adds value to a home.

A major disadvantage is that it requires the skills of a professional to be properly installed. It is not as safe for kids as the previous option due to its rough surface. In addition, it needs to be maintained regularly to keep it clean and safe from algae and other organisms.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Fiberglass swimming pools are made from interwoven glass fibers and are produced as ready-to-install pools. This material is found on planes, expensive yachts, hot tubs, sinks, and so on. It is thus, the best material for building swimming pools. A fiberglass swimming pool will usually cost about US$50,000 to install but is easy to maintain.

The material comes ready-made, making this pool easy to install, although, you will still require a professional, installation with not last as long as the concrete swimming pool that requires weeks. Unlike the above-ground swimming pool, a fiberglass swimming pool can be customized to suit the owner’s tastes, it also lasts longer and is environmentally friendly.


Nothing beats splashing around in your pool during a hot summer day and many homeowners, for this reason, dream of building a pool in their backyards. Understanding what options are available is important to make the right when deciding on the type of swimming pool to install and this article offered information on the 3 best swimming pools to install.

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